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New Era 808 & Bass Module: Review by Maschine Masters

By December 8, 2014Product Reviews
New Era 808 & Bass Module: Review by Maschine Masters

Maschine Masters - review - New Era 808 & Bass - Blog post2“If you couldn’t tell from the name, New Era 808 and Bass focuses mainly on, you guessed it, 808 and bass. The first thing I notice whilst diving in to have a play, is the amount of presets this Vst has. There are 80 808 style kicks presets, 76 long kick presets, 79 sub bass presets, and if that isn’t enough, on offer is a further 138 other presets for drums, percussion and some vocal stabs also.

“As I’m going through the presets I am noticing that there is definitely a versatile selection of 808 and bass sounds. I won’t go into massive detail about how each preset sounds but I will say this. Every sound offers something different from the last. We go right through the scale of almost everything we could need, from really deep, low down sub bass and thudding 808 kicks to gritty, dirty analogue sounding bass, Saw and synth bass. There are also 63 drum arsenal presets to choose from offering a large selection of drums to suit a wide range of genres.” – Bunker Beats/Maschine Masters

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