Have you ever listened to your favorite producer’s beat and developed a serious case of 808 envy? You probably say to yourself “where do they get their 808’s from?” or “how do they make their 808’s sound like that?”. The ‘New Era 808 & Bass Kontakt Library’ solves this problem with ease and offers a lot more than just 808 kick drums. You will have access to some of the hardest hitting sounds on the market, all expertly crafted to give you the sound you’re looking for.

Fat Analog Goodness!

We spent months designing these sounds to perfection. We used both vintage and modern processing for loads of tonal variety and character. Analog distortion, saturation, tape, clean fat sounds – Its all here!

Easy To Use!

Straight forward and easy to use. No confusing menu diving, all controls are right in front.

No More Guessing!

These sounds are ready to go! Just load up one of the presets and play in key with your composition. No need to guess what key the sample is in, all 808s and bass are ready to play with your midi keyboard.

Kontakt Library

Custom built user interface! Runs inside of Kontakt 5. Requires version 5.1.0 or greater.

The Absolute Best!

We took the time to make sure these 808’s sound incredible! We know there are a tone of 808 sounds on the market but non that sound quite like ours! We’re confident this will be your new “go-to” for your production.

PC & MAC Compatible! 

Our Kontakt library is compatible with both MAC & PC systems.

Drum & One-Shot Sounds!

Also included in wav format is an amazing drum and vocal kit containing over 600 unique one-shot samples. Fat punchy Kicks, crispy snares that will cut through your mix and so much more.

Instant Download!

As soon as purchase is complete, you will receive your order as an instant download to your computer.


The presets are organized into 4 folders. Folder 1 as seen in the video contains all the 808 style kicks. Folder 2 contains 808 style kicks with sustainable bass, so if you hold down a key the bass will play continuously until released. Folder 3 contains various 808 subs which are basically 808s without any attack or punch. These are useful for customizing your own 808 and layering with a kick drum sample (we include a TON of kick samples in the 24-bit wave kit). Folder 4 contains all the bass presets, everything from morphing filter modulated madness, to thick massive in your face bass!

Who Is This Library For?

The ‘New Era 808 & Bass Kontakt Library’ is primarily aimed at Trap, Hip-Hop and EDM producers who are looking for professionally designed sounds for their productions. These sounds are so versatile they can be used in a variety of genres. If you’re looking for massive hard hitting 808’s, chunky bass sounds and an arsenal of drum and vocal samples… then you’re going to love what this library has to offer!

Customization & Control

Although we programmed the presets to be ready to go right out the box, there are plenty of controls to customize the sounds further. Utilizing the built in effects you can easily Eq, filter and add some distortion. Whether you want to modulate the filter to sweep with some resonance, or use the pitch LFO to create some crazy pitch bending sounds. All the controls are at your finger tips, with endless possibilities.

Don’t Use Kontakt?

No worries, also included in 24-bit WAV format is the complete sound content used in the library. All sounds are organized and easy to navigate. Samples can be used in all major DAW’s or audio software. All 808 and bass samples are labeled with key information so you can easily map the samples in your desired sample player.


Over 260 ‘808 and Bass’ Presets Combined
Custom Built User Interface, runs in Kontakt 5
Built-in effects and controls such as: Glide, EQ, LP-HP Filters, Distortion and more
Includes a 24-Bit WAV Drum Kit and Vocal Kit, Over 600 samples
Includes all the 808 & Bass wave files, labeled with key information.

Never before has it been easier to get the sounds you’ve been looking for. Never struggle again with finding the right 808 or bass sounds for your project. Experience the difference the ‘New Era 808 & Bass Kontakt Library’ can do for your productions. Click the “Add To Cart” button and complete the quick checkout process. As soon as your purchase is complete you will have instant access to download your order.