Survival Drum Kit
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Kit Contents

  • Over 500 One-Shot Samples
  • 140 Kicks
  • 87 Snares
  • 95 Claps
  • 52 Open & Closed Hi-hats
  • 47 Cymbals & Toms
  • 135 Percussion
  • 131 REX Loops
  • 131 Drum Loops
  • 22 Ready to go Maschine Kits
  • 22 Reason Kong Drum Kits
Download Size: 646MB
Unpacked: 821MB

Included Formats

  • 24-Bit WAV
  • Maschine Kits (v1.8.2)
  • Reason Refill (v5.0 or Greater)
  • Reason Kong kits
  • REX Loop Format


Compatible with all major DAW's and software that read 24-Bit WAV format audio files.

Demo Songs

Royalty Free

These samples are 100% royalty free. You can use them in your musical compositions with no extra costs. Upon purchase please refer to your "user end" license agreement for more info.
Survival Drum Kit
To survive in this game you need the right tools! When it comes to drums, weak sounds just wont cut it. The Survival Drum Kit is a versatile pack with some of the best drums around! These drums are warm, fat, punchy and will definitely fill the void in your tracks. The survival Drum kit comes pre formatted for Maschine and Reason. Both formats contain 22 preset kits that you can load up instantly and start making beats right away!
Style: Hiphop, Boom Bap, R&B, Urban Pop


Normal Price: $49.99

Demo Kit

What Do Other Producers Think About The Survival Drum Kit?

"This “Survival” drum kit is a good collection for anyone needing some punchy, thick sounding drum samples. The kit has a nice diversity and also comes ready in Maschine format so you can just load up the kits and bang out. There’s a nice mix of raw, experimental, layered, and just plain hard hitting drums and percussion samples as well as a nice collection of drum loops."

Saint Joe - &
"Survival Drum Kit is my first choice since i put my hands on it, Perfectly edited and formatted for Maschine. In a few seconds I always find the drum sound i'm looking for and the sounds are loud, for real! Ready to play and go! I'm sure i'll go through new drum kits in the future and Survival will always be by my side"

Soma -
"A kit that has 140 kicks?  That are all different from each other?  One thing to mention about Xclusive-Audio is their kicks got a real unique layer-sound to them.  Survival Drum Kit is FULL of these! For me personally, I really enjoy creating cool percussion loops in behind my beats.  Being provided with powerful percussion hits is a huge time-saver, which Survival Drum Kit provides. The kicks are full of punch, thick sub bass, and with tons of different flavors. When you hear the name Xclusive-Audio, be ready for some of the industry's best 24-Bit .WAV sounds, at extremely affordable prices! Survival Drum Kit sparks huge inspiration, and has amazing change up from each sound to the next!"

Riley -