Organic Drum Kit

Kit Contents

  • 150 Pounding Kicks
  • 115 Creative Snares
  • 80 Authentic Claps
  • 90 Open & Closed Hi-hats
  • 570 Organic Percussion Section
  • 90 Cymbals & Toms
  • 100 Original Drum Loops
  • 30 Bonus Transition FXS
  • 22 Ready to go Maschine Kits
Download Size: 288MB
Unpacked: 602MB

Included Formats

  • 24-Bit WAV
  • Maschine Kits (v1.8.2)


Compatible with all major DAW's and software that read 24-Bit WAV format audio files.

Royalty Free

These samples are 100% royalty free. You can use them in your musical compositions with no extra costs. Upon purchase please refer to your "user end" license agreement for more info.

Demo Song

The 'Organic Drum Kit' is packed with hard hitting Kicks, creative snares, authentic claps and everything in between! This kit also come with a HUGE percussion section, ranging from: shakers, congas, bongos, tambourines, frame drums, goblets and various percussion sounds. To top it off we also included 100 original drum loops that you can draw inspiration from. You have tried the rest, Now its time to try the best! These sounds are truly unique and Inspiring! If your looking for something different and like organic acoustic style drums then you will love these sounds! 
Style: Hip-hop, R&B, Urban, Acoustic


Demo Kit

What Do Others Think About The Organic Drum Kit?

"This kit is packed, and I mean PACKED, with over 750 sounds including kicks, snares, percussion, loops, claps, hats and more. All recorded in 24-bit .wav format for pristine clarity and huge sound." "The kicks in this kit…… They’re so good I can’t even finish the introductory sentence. Simply put, amazing. Very few sound like the other, and they are all very unique. Not the standard kicks you get in (insert your favorite producers here) kit. With over 140 kicks to choose from, you would be hard pressed to find a kick that won’t match the tone of the track you are creating." ...

Author:  James Jaxin (@jaxin414) - Read The Full Review HERE